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Several days ago, an immense storm ravaged the coastal town of Oldport, knocking out the power lines and phone masts, and flooding the streets with several feet of water. By the next morning, the worst of the storm had passed, but a mysterious black obelisk had appeared in the bay.

Many people attempted to escape on boats or makeshift rafts, only to discover something malevolent and ravenous lurking under the murky waters. Those who remained behind faired little better, as some citizens mutated into horrific fish-like creatures, and began preying upon their former kin.

You are a group of survivors, holed up in your apartment complex. A couple of days ago, one of your neighbors transformed into a monster, killing several residents before escaping down the elevator shaft. But where is it now, and are there more of them? Will you attempt to escape, or wait to be rescued?

Inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and the TV adaption of Sweet Home, Deep Trouble in Oldport Bay is a standalone scenario for the Tricube Tales system and is usable as a micro-setting, but it is also a fully self-contained one-page RPG in its own right. You can print it on a single sheet of paper: The first page includes everything you need to play, while an optional second page expands the adventure generator with examples and twists. The PDF uses layers for ease of printing.

This free tabletop roleplaying game was created for the Cosmic Horror Tabletop RPG Jam.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, micro-rpg, Survival Horror


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This PDF supports layers for printing.


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I love the TriCube Tales and I dig this a LOT! This is so wonderful, exciting, and interesting on so many levels!

By the way, I am having my first Jam (as a curator in itch.io) and I hope that You don't mind that I used your GREAT product as inspirational material for the jam in an inspirational links post.. https://itch.io/jam/this-island-comes-with-me-jam/topic/2629301/a-list-of-useful...


Great job coming up with all of the story elements. I really like location #4 - so many fun adventures to right off of that. And great visiual theming as well.


Sounds fun! Thanks!