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The Fantasy Town Oracle is primarily intended for solo tabletop roleplaying games, although it can also serve as a general GM tool for generating random settlements. It is designed to be printed on both sides of a single sheet of paper, and the PDF uses layers for ease of printing.

The first page provides a series of oracle tables for generating an overview of a medieval fantasy town, covering first impressions, the settlement name, distinctive features, and city-wide events. The intention is that you should roll on these tables and interpret the results when you first encounter the town.

The second page provides tables for exploring within the town, and it includes oracle tables for generating random locations, people, and local events.

You will need 2d6 for rolling on the oracle tables, and a standard deck of playing cards for generating the town layout. Although this product is system-agnostic, it should work particularly well with Tricube Tales and one-page RPGs like The Fools Who Follow, and can also be combined with the Tricube Tales Solo Rules. The card-based approach to town generation is also a good fit for the Chase rules in Savage Worlds.

This free product was created for the Lone Wolf Solo TTRPG Jam.

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This PDF supports layers for printing.

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