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In decades past, the halflings lived happily in their peaceful village, drinking ale and tending their gardens. But as the nearby town of Stonebridge expanded its borders, the small folk were gradually driven from their homes and forced to adopt an urban lifestyle within the human settlement.

Fortunately, the halflings’ furtive nature and light fingers have provided them plenty of opportunities among the oafish humans, and they’ve learned to make the most of their predicament. Their propensity for criminal behavior may not endear them to the other townsfolk, but it’s highly profitable!

You are halfling hustlers—short of stature but large of appetite—and always on the lookout for some easy money. The humans stole your land, so you’re only taking back what’s rightfully yours, after all.

Halfling Hustlers is a standalone scenario for the Tricube Tales system and is usable as a micro-setting, but it is also a fully self-contained one-page RPG in its own right. You can print it on a single sheet of paper: The first page includes everything you need to play, while an optional second page expands the adventure generator with examples and twists. The PDF uses layers for ease of printing.

This free tabletop roleplaying game was created for the Rascals Jam.

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GenreRole Playing
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This PDF supports layers for printing.

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