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The Goblin Warrens is a micro-RPG set in the same world as Saga of the Goblin Horde. It follows the trials and tribulations of a band of borderland goblins, as they attempt to fend off a party of bloodthirsty adventurers.

You will need plenty of red, green, and blue d6s to represent the PCs (and a few d8s for the adventurers), but no pen or paper is required. Instead of playing a single character, each player controls five different goblins.

I wrote the original version of The Goblin Warrens in 2017, as a submission for the 200 Word RPG Challenge. This version has been updated and reformatted to fit on both sides of a 3.5"x2" business card.

Example Adventure: A Bite and a Fight

I’ve also included a bonus second card which contains a short example adventure called “A Bite and a Fight,” along with some design notes.

Vampires vs Zombies?

I later reused the dice system for a slightly larger rules-lite game called Blood & Bile. This is a solo-friendly RPG about vampires surviving a zombie apocalypse, so if you like the mechanics in The Goblin Warrens, why not check it out?

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I love this little system!